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Our philosophy is simple: we want Loma del Ángel to be a place that makes you feel at home. From the beginning, the goal has been to create a cozy space with an intimate and exclusive atmosphere so that guests can live a truly authentic experience. This idea of excellence translates into each of our values:

Love for detail

We believe that in the detail is the true expression of love. We like to take care of every corner of the house with objects chosen conscientiously in all our travels, bringing furniture from France and carpets from India, or creating our own aromas so that the atmosphere is truly unique, full of symbolism and calm. We want the love for what we do to come out of both the exclusive decoration and the fantastic energy with which we offer our highly personalized service. We want your stay to be perfect and unforgettable


We do not want to be just another hotel. Every decision is made with the utmost originality: no two corners are the same, just as no two guests are the same. One of our distinctive features is the great importance we give to the power of the senses, highlighting the sense of smell giving great prominence to the aromas and flowers in each room, ambient music throughout the space, the possibility of participating in the kitchen to taste even before sitting at the table…

The Loma Experience

In the heart of Old Havana is the Barrio del Angel: one of the most picturesque and attractive places in the tireless and cheerful capital, with its beautiful vintage cars and its festive rumba always in the background. It was here that the famous writer Cirilo Villaverde was inspired to write one of the jewels of Cuban literature: “Cecilia Valdés o la Loma del Ángel”, written in 1839 and considered the island’s first novel. From the same Plazuela del Angel you can reach the top of the hill, from where you can contemplate the majestic Malecón Habanero. In its streets one can immerse oneself in incomparable colors and flavors, learning a unique way of living life in each of its corners, from where the “angels” watch over us and invite us to enjoy this Wonder City



Everything we do, we do because we are passionate about it. Loma del Ángel is the meeting point of everything that forges our identity: world travel, sensory experiences, conscious self-care and, of course, the soul of this magical Cuba.


We want the vitality, strength and femininity that radiates from our beloved island to grow within each of our guests during their stay at the Loma del Ángel Boutique Hotel, to feel the fascination that our founder felt when she crossed the neighborhood’s narrow streets for the first time and the pure illusion that led her to create such a special corner in the heart of Havana. Something so unique can only have been born out of an absolute passion for life

Cecilia Valdes o la Loma del Angel
A novel by Cirilio Villaverde

Written in 1882, it narrates the tragic story of a Cuban mulatto, Cecilia Valdés, a mestizo woman who, given her color and beauty, will be called by Havana’s gallant men the Bronze Virgin.


In the novel she appears as the illegitimate daughter of a gentleman and a brown woman. With the passage of time, in the national imaginary, she will represent the Creole woman and will be a paradigm of the Cuban. This sensual, mischievous and captivating mulatto, courted by all men regardless of race or class and with aspirations to rise socially, frustrated by her condition and her birth, becomes Pandora or Helena. An anti-slavery plea, the work succeeds in describing the Cuban colonial environment of the early 19th century, the social injustices and especially the ignominy of slavery. The author of the novel, Cirilo Villaverde (1812-1894), was one of the most prolific narrators of Cuban literature and the precursor of novel production on the island. His work, of irregular quality, is framed within romanticism and is contaminated by its excesses, however, it reflects a social and human context that transcends his time and turns Villaverde into a fundamental author of the 19th century




Eulalia de Lucía is the founder of the Boutique Hotel Loma del Ángel: a passionate entrepreneur, inveterate dreamer and travel lover who knows the island very well from her professional career. One day, by pure chance, she discovered the street where the hotel is located and fell in love with the place. With enthusiasm and a lot of willpower, she decided to rehabilitate a building that was almost in ruins and, little by little, turn it into this unique space full of magic that so many guests already call home in Havana.


Eulalia de Lucia is also the name of a brand of accessories and complements created by herself. Her designs, natural and elegant, are unique and exclusive pieces handcrafted with ancestral techniques from Ecuador. Quality, delicacy, originality and respect for the environment are her pillars. The island of Cuba has always been a great inspiration for the brand, besides being the Loma del Angel Boutique Hotel the place where Eulalia de Lucia sold her first models.